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in fact,Whether in Wuhan,Or in other places where the epidemic prevention and control measures are relatively strict,All ordinary people who actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures and sacrifice free space or job opportunities,All have made important contributions to the epidemic prevention and control work.In front of this terrifying epidemic,We saw countless people walking in the opposite direction,Struggling on the front line of the epidemic,Make every effort to ensure that the epidemic is under control.But in just a few days,All fronts and fields in the country,East, west, south, north, middle,All mobilized urgently,Such organizational mobilization capacity, mobilization scale, mobilization efficiency,The world is rare,History is rare.Caring companies and people from all walks of life take active actions,JD.com donated 1 million medical masks and 60,000 medical supplies to Wuhan in batches,SF Express sent two 'special planes' to transport medical supplies by air ... The epidemic kept people away from space,But closer to the soul,'Love is a bridge', the shortest preparation time for CCTV's spring evening,The warmest gift of this special Spring Festival was sent to all Wuhan audiences.The Spring Festival lasts forever,Its formation and continuation bear traditional cultural marks,The home feast is naturally a fresh teaching material for traditional cultural education.'now,The people of Myanmar have a need to understand Chinese culture,The Chinese people will also be exposed to Burmese culture more and more.

'What you did,Then there is nothing invincible; what all wisdom does,Then everything is possible ',The pandemic is currently,The world is facing threats and challenges from the epidemic,China is a great country with a responsible and courageous role,Attract the world's attention.The awakening of the masses is the most powerful and most effective vaccine for epidemic prevention and control.Now in Italy when you need help most,China lends a helping hand,Thousands of miles,Will have a deep friendship,Inscribed in the hearts of the two peoples.'He said,'Medical masks are produced from non-woven fabrics made of polypropylene (PP) particles as raw materials,And polypropylene is refined and processed after crude oil production,So we guarantee our oil production,It also guarantees the manufacture of raw materials for medical masks from the forefront.Zhang Dingyu, the dean of Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, suffers from gradual freezing.Still insisting on leading the hospital's medical workers to fight at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic day and night; in order to support Hubei to win the epidemic,Wang Haiming, a intensive care physician at Puyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Henan Province,Going to Wuhan for the epidemic without knowing his wife waiting for birth; Changshun County, Guinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou,Wu Keguo, 55, drives a van every night,Cook supper for the staff who are staying at the epidemic prevention and control point ... They use their actions to interpret the dedication of taking care of the overall situation and self-denial,Wrote a touching chapter of epidemic.'Tara Searle, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Safety in the United States, thinks.Guo Qin, a nurse in the emergency center of the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University,Working overtime to take care of critically ill patients,decrease of resistance,Unfortunately, it is infected with a new coronavirus.'(Lin Wei)

Research has shown that,In the current society there is still a phenomenon of hatred of officials and hatred of wealth,Underlying identity, vulnerable groups, and relative deprivation have strong self-perception,It affects the social members' feelings about social trust, social equity and social progress.After the treatment of 7 medical staff in the Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Preliminary test results show thatThe detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid has turned negative,Clinical symptoms are under control.Give full play to the advantages of the system,Is the same desire up and down,One mind,All will come together.Both the doctor and the patient,Or from all walks of life,Should be twisted into a rope,Scientific prevention.Affected by the epidemic,Many small and medium-sized enterprises have experienced supply chain disruptions.Focus on the meeting,Use meetings to convey meetings,Not only does it violate the current context,Extremely outdated,It also hurts the people,It may also occupy the epidemic prevention time,Interfere with epidemic prevention work.Major General Chen Wei, China 鈥檚 Chief Biochemical Weapon Defense Expert,After many hard battles against SARS and Ebola,She and her colleagues achieved rapid detection of new coronavirus,Played a major role in the diagnosis and treatment.Some of them make full use of professional knowledge,In the practice of fighting against the epidemic, it tests its own value; some have tossed back from abroad with medical supplies such as masks,Delivered to the medical staff; some actively reported to the community where they lived,Actively participate in community joint defense and joint control; some even tell relatives and friends to wear masks and wash hands frequently,'Propaganda' who does not believe in rumors or rumors.Some places,Codify prevention and control knowledge into easy-to-understand,Use WeChat and other social media to spread widely,The effect is very good.

At this critical moment in the epidemic,China is in danger and never forgets to help others,Aid Japan aid South Korea aid Iran,The world has seen a respectable and loving China! We see more,The pandemic is currently,Chinese scale,Chinese efficiency,Chinese responsibility,Demonstrate China's role as a big country.New pneumonia requires a lot of manpower,Rumor is another plague.

Today,We finally saw the dawn, the victory is in sight,But because of the different treatment of individual people, they set up obstacles for their compatriots.What an unwise move.Today,We finally saw the dawn, the victory is in sight,But because of the different treatment of individual people, they set up obstacles for their compatriots.What an unwise move.

Not dedicating personal time and actions to any material rewards,It is a prerequisite for the identification of volunteers.

At a critical moment,See the realm in a crisis.The term 'cell wave' is a unique name between the people of Myanmar and China,It reflects the friendship between the people of the two countries for generations.The new pneumonia virus has an incubation period of 14 days,This is the difficulty of current prevention and control work,It is also a fulcrum.

'Many car companies produce ambulances that also use our fuel pipes,Ambulances are also being increased during special periods,We must pay close attention to work.current,The new crown pneumonia epidemic has reached a crucial moment in the decisive battle,Each of us should act actively,While giving praise to the anti-epidemic heroes,We should draw forward strength from the anti-epidemic spirit bonanza,Consciously take responsibility,Act actively,Act actively,Gather together the majestic forces that work together to overcome difficulties.

As former Bulgarian President Plevneliyev said,Economic development should pursue fair and inclusive,In this regard, China has set a good example.

And how to do it without rumor,Is every photo and every message seen on social media,Are treated with caution,Not easily forwarded without verification.and,This is not only a low growth rate,It is a growth rate that reflects high quality.'some of,The two keywords of 'hurry up' and 'speed up',Said the urgency of not staying with me.The Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive and strict preventive measures.'Senior researcher Wu Qinmao of Myanmar Institute of Strategy and International Issues told our reporter.March 18,The community epidemic prevention and control group of the Wuhan New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command issued the 'Opinions on the Adjustment and Control Measures of Non-epidemic Communities and Villages (Teams).

at the same time,We must also face up to some long-term cumulative problems,And through the improvement of the system to solve.As fake news 'fraud' becomes more complex and covert,If you want to fight against wisdom more effectively,It requires all parties in the society to start with their manufacturing and dissemination mechanisms,Work together.but,China is never afraid of challenges,It is in the process of constantly overcoming difficulties and obstacles,We are getting closer and closer to building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the goal of the first century of struggle.What is the impact of the epidemic on China's economy? What measures and measures does China have to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the economy? To dispel doubts,Overseas Network planned to launch a series of comments on 'China's economy under the epidemic',This article is the fourth one.General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and delivered an important speech.Make arrangements for the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks caused by new coronavirus.

The periodic reduction and exemption of social security contributions is a special measure taken in response to the epidemic.For the first time in the history of social security in China,It is predicted that the company's contribution will be reduced by more than 500 billion yuan.Among them are sanitation workers and taxi drivers,There are also people 鈥檚 police and medical personnel,There are also staff of the transportation department responsible for the Spring Festival transportation.Because they know that the delivery of materials is essential,These efforts are all contributing to material security.In terms of value,To insist on taking people as the center,Keeping in mind that people 鈥檚 interests are above everything else,Put the safety and health of the people first.

As the domestic epidemic prevention situation improves,When can I remove the mask,Under what circumstances should you insist on wearing a mask,Can not form inertial thinking.Card inspection from road entrance and exit,To many cross-regional roads,Avoid cross infection,We do not relax any link; Nanjing implements masking measures in public places,The Beijing Metro launched a thermal imaging temperature tester,All regions have stepped up anti-epidemic measures in public places.'30% more production than before,Many employees gave up vacations.'Healer's heart',In this battle against the epidemic,How many medical practitioners have become solid pioneers in the 'most beautiful retrogrades'; volunteers from all walks of life,Join the front line of protection; how many community workers,Silently persevere and selfless dedication; in the case of extremely lack of medical staff, mild patients even become hospital volunteers ...To die,Put it in.Due to the temporary closure of the Lihan Channel,Residents who are 'quarantine' for epidemic prevention at home, thousands of 'white angels', and 'retroverts' who travel to Wuhan from across the countryBuilt the 'armor' for the national anti-Japanese epidemic situation,Wuhan at this moment is full of hope.

Each of us is part of the chain against new pneumonia,Personal destiny must be linked to the destiny of the country and nation,Let the spirit of patriotism, collectivism and socialism be vividly displayed around you,Continue to sublime in my heart.A good ecological environment is the most inclusive well-being of the people,The landscape, forest, lake and grass are the community of life.'Qi Yue went to danger alone,Brothers behind.

Medical and health, transportation, public security police, market supervision, public opinion, education and scientific research, material production and supply, etc.,And grassroots communities, enterprises and institutions,All resolutely followed the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee to carry out their work effectively and effectively.Some couples went to work in less than an hour after meeting in Han,Some held 'Battlefield' weddings in the Thor Mountain Hospital,Some are due to the high intensity of work and long time,Tired of falling into his post,Some FireWire submitted application forms for joining the party ... Pieces of moving deeds,Compose a touching string of music; and the advanced individual representatives of the national health and health system epidemic prevention and control commended by the National Health and Health Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Ding Xinmin, Wang Yiying, Yu Honglian, Wang Chunling, Wang Zhiyu, Liu Tao ... the names became so loud.Chinese practice has set a model for achieving sustainable development.Experts from the World Health Organization praised China,Facing a sudden outbreak,With firm confidence and decisive action, the Chinese have taken the most magnificent, flexible and active and effective prevention and control measures in history,Built the first line of defense for the world's epidemic prevention.January 22,Wu Xiaoyan, a pathologist at the People's Hospital of Wuhan University who has embarked on a journey back home,After learning that the hospital called for medical support,Get off at the first time and return to Wuhan,Become the most beautiful 'retrogressor'; Li Hui, the post-95 nurse of the Department of Oncology, Tianyou Hospital, Wuhan University of Science and Technology,Make a request before entering the 'FireWire': 'In case of unfortunate,Donate my body to do research to overcome the virus,Please do n鈥檛 tell my parents,The only request is to arrange my family properly '; Rao Xin,' Crab Doctor ', Department of Intensive Medicine, Central South Hospital, Wuhan University,The feet are still struggling in the intensive care unit ... They are white angels,They are also the warmest notes in this winter.

The situation of integrated linkage and joint prevention and joint control quickly formed across the country,To form a powerful joint force of party members taking the lead, cadres taking the lead, and all sectors of society working together to overcome the difficultiesThis is the power of the system,It is also the foundation for a firm confidence to win.